Monday, December 10, 2007

Remembering Pa Pa Forrest

We're all thinking about Pa Pa Forrest this time of year. He left us to be with the Lord a year ago and we're all so grateful for the fond memories and the wonderful legacy he left behind. I am so thankful that my kids had such a fantastic Pa Pa who was not only a lot of fun to be around but was also such a great Christian example. Thanks Pa Pa... we love you!


Nancy said...

Well, that's a great way to get me all teary! I was so not expecting this when I logged on to your blog, but it was a sweet and special surprise. We are definitely remembering your family right now at this fun and also bittersweet time. Love you all!!

jenny said...

We have been remembering PaPa this week too. We miss him, but are so thankful that he is feeling good and dancing in heaven this Christmas. Thanks for the pics Jim. Glad you have a blog now!

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