Monday, March 3, 2008

Political Thoughts...

I fear that tomorrow may be it for this preliminary campaign season. It has certainly been one worth watching these last many months. You know me… there are few things that interest me more than faith and politics (the two things you’re never supposed to talk about at parties since you might offend somebody.) Oh, well. I’ve never been real popular anyway. To be honest, I have been pretty disgusted this election cycle with the lack of a real good candidate that I felt like I could support. I eventually came around to Fred Thompson just in time to hear his concession speech. With that disappointment, I found myself without a real candidate that I felt like I could vote FOR. Resisting the urge just to cast a vote AGAINST another candidate (and since there were so many I would vote against anyway) I decided not to vote in the primary… for the first time in a long time!

Now it looks like McCain has the nomination all but sealed up on the Republican side… BUT the Democratic side has been the real one to watch this year! Who would have ever imagined this time last year that anyone but Hillary was even going to come close? She has been the clear front-runner since shortly after the last election in ’04. Everyone all but assumed that she would be the nominee. And out of nowhere comes this vibrant, energetic, young unknown running on a platform of little else other than the catch-word “change”. Sounds a whole lot like another vibrant, energetic, young unknown who came out of nowhere (Hope, AR) to achieve the nomination of his party and ultimately even the presidency… in 1992, remember?

So who will it be… Hillary or Obama? Tomorrow may very well be the defining moment… “Super Tuesday II” as the papers are dubbing it. Will Obama continue his momentum and deliver Hillary a knock-out blow? Or will the “come-back kid’s spouse” make a come-back herself and stay in the game for another round? Who knows? It is exciting to watch, though. I’m not sure who I’m rooting for… Obama or Hillary? My beliefs usually fall more in with the traditional tenets of the Republican party, but I’m not a real huge McCain supporter either. So, what to do? I actually believe that Obama will be the tougher candidate for the Republicans in the Fall, so I guess that just leaves me… ambiguously ambivalent. One thing for sure, though. I’ll be watching and listening to the results tomorrow night… I just can’t help it.

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Stephanie said...

You're not going to throw Hillary at me again if she gets the nomination, are you? :)

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