Monday, April 14, 2008

Stand in the Rain... of Disease

     Like so many things in life it hits us when we least expect it.  Things seem to be going along just fine.  The sun has been shining.  The flowers are blooming.  No problems… life is good!  Then the doctor comes in and shuts the door behind him… and it starts to rain. The words you never expected to hear, but have always feared come out.  It is cancer.  It is heart disease.  There’s a blockage.  Or it is some medical term you’ve never heard, but it strikes fear just the same.  You rush home and to the internet to find out all you can about it.  Instead of calming your fears, you’re just more worried.  What do you do?

     This scenario is played out thousands of times a day all over the world.  The Bible says that it rains on the just as well as the unjust.  Disease is no respecter of persons.  It happens everywhere and can happen to anybody.  Some diseases are relatively mild while others can be life altering… even life-threatening.  What do you do when the diagnosis of serious disease hits?  I have had the privilege of watching so many do just what the psalmist suggests… “seek shelter in the Most High and rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”  (Psalm 91:1)  When the storm of life which is disease hits… the best thing we can do is to seek shelter in God!  As we continue our lesson series this Sunday, “Stand in the Rain” I want to explore the storm of disease and look for God’s answer to our suffering.  God DOES have an answer to pain and suffering… but it may not be what you would expect. 

     I want to invite you to explore together with me just a few of the many stories in Scripture of folks not unlike many of us who sought after Jesus for healing.  There was the woman with the constant problem of bleeding in Luke 8:42-ff.  There was the blind fellow who Jesus told to go and wash in the pool in John 9.  There were the demon-possessed and those struck with leprosy.  During Jesus’ time of ministry, he was constantly inundated by sick folks calling out to him for help.  What was his response?  What is his response to you?  Come and let’s seek shelter in the Most High together this Sunday.  


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Chris Jones said...


You point out something that we all must deal with and that is the constant reminder of our human condition. In an age when the gospel of health and wealth misleads people into believing that life will alwasy be rosy for Christians this series is definetly timely. We are called to 'take up our cross' and follow Christ. Joys are so much sweeter because of suffering in this life. We appreciate 'life in Christ' because we are reminded that the Creation groans in expectation of redemption. Living in that constant tenion of the 'now' and future expectation of the Kingdom is tough sometimes. God bless you in this series.

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