Friday, November 2, 2007

Confessions of a Halloween Grinch

Okay, I'm a Halloween Grinch... I admit it. It certainly is my least favorite holiday and I have struggled all week to find something (anything) redeeming about it. The stores put out their Halloween costumes more than a month ago, which meant that our boys started begging for costumes way too soon. Costumes were bought. Plans were made. Everybody was happy. Then we made the mistake of going to the store again. More costumes were spotted. Minds were changed. Begging commenced. Soon it became pleading and eventually crying. There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth (mine) and finally we (meaning Celeste) relented. At least two additional costumes were purchased on this, second occasion. Of course, once the week of Halloween actually arrived you might have guessed... minds changed once again. I have to give credit to Andy... he picked out Boba Fett early on and stuck with it. David only changed his mind once... but Michael is the serial costume changer of the family. I counted three for him this year.

I'm not sure whoever came up with the idea of having children run up and down the streets strong-arming innocent homeowners out of teeth rotting candy and I'm not sure why anyone ever thought this was a good idea. The sugar, of course, just made the kides all that much hyper. THIS year we had the added complication of having Wednesday night Bible class to get to AFTER trick-or-treating. This meant that not only were my kids hyper... they were stuck in a small classroom with other sugar-O.D.'ed kids and an unlucky Bible teacher for an hour! I'm sure much learning took place. Then, just as we're finally breathing a sigh of relief having gotten the goblins tucked into bed way past their bed-time... there's a ring at the door! More trick-or-treaters! It's 9:00 pm. Decent people are in bed!

Well, I hope your "All Hallow's Eve" was fun. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to rant a bit about my Halloween woes... I am certainly glad it is over... at least for another year. Looking forward to the next Pagan holiday...

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