Monday, November 19, 2007

Simple Christianity #4... "What do I do now that I am a Christian?"

A few years ago there was a popular singing group that rose to the charts with their hit song, “The End of the Road.” Oh, how wonderful it is to get to the end of the road! I am thinking that especially this week as I know that my family will be loading up in the ol’ minivan and heading out of town for Thanksgiving (see previous post regarding our van travels.) We always set out with such excitement… and arriving is such a blessing… but the hours on the road are sometimes… uhmmm, difficult. Between “potty breaks” and arguments about what to listen to on the radio, road trips aren’t a lot of fun with our crew. I SO look forward to reaching the end!

As Christians we also ought to look forward to the end… but I am afraid that we sometimes confuse the end with the beginning. We work and pray to lead a person to Christ and then, just when that person has made a commitment to be a Christian, we leave them and move on to someone else, thinking they have reached the end. Becoming a Christian is NOT the end, however, it is just the BEGINNING! Baptism is a new BIRTH… a new beginning… and the start of a wonderful new journey. This Sunday we will be wrapping up our series on Simple Christianity by exploring the thought, “What do I do now that I have become a Christian?” What are my responsibilities? How do I stay strong in the faith? What now? Any thoughts?


afgraham said...

In your last sermon, you stated that the "five-finger" method was not to be a formula for salvation or a set of stepping stones, but rather a response to the Gospel. Life after becoming a Christian should be the same. We are quick to point in Ephesians to where it says "For by grace are you saved, not of works unless anyone should boast." Yet, we need to keep reading,"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do (which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life NRSV). God has given those in his Church a mission as the body of Christ. That mission takes many forms. It could involve drilling wells in Africa, sharing a Thanksgiving food parcel with a neighbor, or sharing Jesus Christ with a seeker. Nevertheless, each action responds to the Gospel given by the one who came to give his followers life to the fullest.

spatter said...

I believe that "walking" is just that. It is taking one step at a time. It is about studing the map/path that you are about to embark upon, because if you don't it is easy to get lost. It's about looking in front of you and adjusting your walk when you see danger! If you see a hole in the ground you will walk around it, but only if you have your eyes wide open! You must be aware and to be aware you fellowship with fellow believers, open your mind and study the WORD (aka the map). When you take a detour and all of us do, you look for those landmarks (your brothers and sisters) to help guide you back to the main road! I just have to believe that one of God's purposes for the Church is to use us in this way.

Jim Black said...

spatter... you must be reading my mind! My sentiments exactly!

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